How is the response to CoVID 19 going in Waterloo Region?
On Friday, July 17, we welcomed Dr. Kate Morgan who spoke with us about how the region of Waterloo response to COVID-19 is going.
She provided critical information about the proper use and care of face masks, including a demonstration of taking on & off a mask properly.
Dr. Morgan is a family physician in Cambridge who does the full breadth of care including obstetrics, inpatient care, surgical assisting and family practice. Since the beginning of the pandemic, she has been working in the CoVID assessment center and helping to manage the regional response to the pandemic as one of the lead physicians. In her spare time she is an avid cyclist and you might catch her commuting to work along the Cambridge to Paris rail trail! 
See the Kitchener Record article featuring Dr. Morgan and her contributions to the efforts to test and contain the virus.