Rotary Cambridge Sunrise supports One4Another with $6,000 cheque
Medical care is not free in Uganda.  Children who require surgery are especially vulnerable because the cost to correct their conditions is beyond what most families can afford.  One4Another exists to facilitate surgeries, at no cost, for children with a variety of critical conditions including: clubfeet, bone infections, anal malformations, traumas, fractures and hernias. These one-time interventions shift the trajectory of a child’s life from one of disability to ability and prevent a lifetime of suffering.
One4Another is a registered Canadian charity founded in 2012 by siblings Glenn Pascoe and Wendy Hayhoe from Cambridge and Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
They created the organization after spending time as volunteers in Uganda in 2011 and 2012. Some parents brought their kids to them asking for help accessing surgical care. Not knowing how things worked in Uganda they enlisted the help of a nurse named, Olivia, who has been the Program Coordinator ever since. Glenn and Wendy were so moved seeing parents whose children needed essential surgeries – but who were unable to afford it – that they came back to Canada determined to do something to help. They began by facilitating operations for 6 kids in 2012. At the beginning they had no ambition of becoming an organization but the work quickly began to grow. They are now working on 400 kids per year, have a dedicated staff team, and One4Another has its own surgical center in Jinja, Uganda.
On February 4th, 2022, Rotary Cambridge Sunrise continued their ongoing support of One4Another with a $6,000 cheque. Executive Director Glenn Pascoe joined Rotarians for a virtual call and updated the group on the progress of One4Another, including a virtual tour of their new surgical centre, constructed during the pandemic in Jinja, Uganda.