Hopeful: A Story of African Childhood Dreams and the Relentless love and sacrifice of Poor Parents to give their children an Education.

Hopeful describes the real life stories of children who were born in a rural poor village in Uganda. One of them, Asa, overcomes the challenges of poverty and cultural barriers with the help of his uneducated & illiterate parents, who decided to do something that had not been done before in their village; sacrifice everything including selling off their family land, become ridiculed by the villagers but believed, against all hope to send their son to school.

Their son, determined to remove shame from his parents, knowing that his only way of ever escaping the cycle of poverty was through education, rose to the challenges from the rural poor villages into the country's Medical schools. Asa went on to finance the educations of this eight younger siblings, a tribute and show of gratitude to his loving parents who never gave up on him.

The success of one child, one person, challenged and changed the perception about education in rural Uganda. Asa endeavours to bring to light the astonishingly poor maternal and child health resources in the developing world, and the corresponding lack of female empowerment through education.
Even though his dream of becoming a medical professional came true, his female family members have not been as fortunate due to the lack of support for women’s health and education in developing countries. Dr. Ahimbisibwe has set a goal of raising $10,000 for CMH Foundation through his book proceeds. For each book sold through the CMH Foundation website, 50% goes to supporting the good works of the Foundation. Order your book here.


Even though Uganda has a larger population than Canada, the Ugandan maternal mortality rate is 40x higher than Canada's.