Mindfulness and Health - Making an Impact
Cambridge Sunrise Rotarians were treated to an enlightening presentation by Dr. Mitch Abrams on March 17th.
Dr. Abrams is a radiologist at Cambridge Memorial Hospital, a musician, a world traveller, and a person dedicated to changing the way we look at health and wellness.

"I create innovative programs to engage community using music and art for proactive health strategies that reduce stress while creating healthier and more compassionate and resilient communities." - Dr. M. Abrams
Dr. Abrams is at the core of the B Mindful Challenge (https://m.facebook.com/groups/1106912239356084/?view=group) and at the Mandala Wall at the  Cambridge Memorial Hospital (seen above). Colouring has been proven to reduce stress, and is one of many ways that Dr. Abrams and his colleagues are using to help patients and the community at large to improve their health and overall wellness.