Community Outreach Director Janine Armstrong
Habitat For Humanity - Waterloo Region
On June 18th, Rotarians and guests enjoyed a wonderful presentation by Janine Armstrong, Community Outreach Director for Habitat for Humanity - Waterloo Region.
Founded in 1988, Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region is a charitable organization working toward a world where everyone has a decent place to live. In Waterloo Region, 1 in 4 households lacks a decent, affordable place to live making them at risk of falling into a cycle of poverty. Their model of affordable homeownership bridges a gap for lower-income, working families by providing them with the opportunity to purchase their own Habitat home.
Why is homeownership important?
  • It brings stability to neighbourhoods and helps form strong social ties between neighbours
  • Children do better in school - they stay in school longer and are less likely to get into trouble
  • Homeowners report higher life satisfaction, and high self-esteem
  • Homeowners have a higher perceived control over their lives
  • Pay property taxes

Habitat provides people with the tools to take care of themselves and build their own futures, through affordable homeownership.

People in our community and all over the world partner with Habitat for Humanity to build or improve a place they can call home.

A Habitat home is a strong foundation for a family, an opportunity on which they can build a better life.
Strong and stable homes help build strong and stable communities.

 Janine Armstrong
How can YOU help?
Donate Money:  100% of your donation goes directly to building homes for families partnering with HabitatWR.
Donate Items (any non cash product):  For the construction of homes or for the Restores.  You can also donate food, drink and snacks for our volunteers.