Canada 150 -Looking too closely: What the misuse of video replay can teach us about Canadian history
with speaker Peter Shawn Taylor
Peter Shawn Taylor joined Cambridge Rotarians for breakfast on Friday, July 21st and spoke about the 150th anniversary of Canada, and how the misuse of video reply can be used to teach us about Canadian history.
Featured here: Dr. Mike Lawrie, Peter Shawn Taylor, Larry Hardman.
Peter Shawn Taylor is currently Editor at Large of Maclean’s magazine. He earned a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Alberta in 1989; and was senior analyst for the Alberta Liberal Caucus in the early 1990s under Liberal Leader Laurence Decore. Since then he has worked extensively in journalism. He has been a staff member of Alberta Report, Canadian Business and the National Post, where he was a founding member of the editorial board in 1998, as well as Maclean’s. In addition, he has written widely for publications including Reader’s Digest, Saturday Night, Equinox, MoneySense, Canadian Geographic, Prospect, Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun and National Post Business. He has given presentations and is a frequent media commentator on public policy issues including daycare, family taxation and poverty.