Music Director Sabatino Vacca of the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra
Rotarians welcomed conductor Sabatino Vacca and co-conductor Karen Johannes of the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra today. Sabatino and Karen spoke about their passion for music, the arts, and the community of Cambridge - and most importantly, bringing those passions together!
Sabatino has conducted concerts and operas all over the world, and was recently .the recipient of the Spirit of Ontario Award for the Arts by the National Congress of Italian Canadians.
   Sabatino Vacca and Karen Johannes
Karen Johannes has been inspiring music in youth for many years at Southwood Secondary School in Cambridge. An avid musician herself, Karen hopes to inspire more youth to participate in the CSO.
Shown Here; Rita Westbrook, Sabatino Vacca, Raquelo Blackwell, Scott Herbert, Karen Johannes.
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The Cambridge Symphony Orchestra performs orchestral music throughout the community and provides learning opportunities for musicians at various levels in their musical careers. The orchestra creates opportunities for exposure to classical music in the community and cultural enrichment for players and audiences. Orchestra members need to be passionate about their music and aspire to excellence, while maintaining the enjoyment of playing together. As the cultural hub of the musical community, the CSO will assume a leadership role and promote artistic collaborations for the greater benefit of all involved.