Blood Donation Challenge! January 8th - February 14th for Rotarians, family and friends.
On January 8th we announced our BLOOD DONATION CHALLENGE! Now more than ever, blood and plasma donations are desperately needed. This is a great way to help out our community.  All members who feel comfortable donating are asked to book an appointment to donate! Wear your Rotary apparel and get a selfie that we can use to help encourage others to do the same.
In Cambridge, donations are accepted at the British Club (Aratat Youth Centre, 35 International Village Drive) by appointment only. Visit to book. There are also clinics in Ayr, Kitchener, Paris, Guelph, and Waterloo.
This is a quick donation blitz, so members are asked to make their donations between now and February 14. Cambridge has openings on:
Tuesday, January 26: 5:55pm-7:10pm
Saturday, January 30 9:35am - 12:45pm
Tuesday, February 9:  2:35pm - 7:25pm
Friends and family are welcome to participate, but remember that donors must be healthy and at least 17 years old.
Let's see how many members we can get to take part!